Videogame UI/UX Model

User experience and user interface design, or UX
and UI for short, may be difficult for some designers
with experience only in static design (print advertising,
magazine layout, and pagination design); however, by
examining other fields that successfully employ UX/UI
design, such as system and videogame design, designers
can identify the following successful principles of UX/UI

  • The user should not have to stop and think about how
    to do something.
  • The interaction between the user and the medium
    should be natural and intuitive.
  • The user/interface operations must be consistent
    throughout all areas of the UX/UI.

Design Strategy

I started organizing all of the information I found
into a HTML5, CSS3/SASS, RESS toolkit for remediation,
which utilized a kind of a ‘indie videogame’ aesthetic
to teach successful UX/UI design principles.