What I Do

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Tim Broadwater is a certified UX Unicorn who does his part to improve humanity-centered design. Tim is a life-long UXer with 20+ years of User Experience in the fields of design, eCommerce, information technology, marketing, nonprofits, and software development.

Tim has developed an expertise in Instructional Design, UI Design, Front-End Development, UX Research, and Business Strategy which is evident in his consultancy, podcasting, speaking, and writing.

Design Thinking Games is a gaming and UX podcast that examines the player experience of live action, tabletop, and video games.

Groups I have worked with.

My recent activity. 

What can I say?

I live in the greater Pittsburgh area where I champion digital product life cycles, Lean UX principles, and aligning user/business goals. My current areas of interest are:

  • Abusability Testing
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Design Ethics
  • Enterprise Software Usability
  • Omnichannel UX

I thrive in challenging and diverse work environments, with great team culture, and no glass ceilings. Please feel free to view my work, resume, writing, or find out about UX Helping Hand consultancy.

Additionally you can connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.