Design Research and Thinking

Design Research

As I was looking into both ‘design research’ and ‘design thinking’, I came across the website, which states that aims of the Design Research Society (DRS)  include:

  • recognizing design as a creative act common to many disciplines
  • understanding research and its relationship with education and practice
  • advancing the theory and practice of design

At first I was skeptical because it was obviously a Joomla website at, but I then found that there were a lot of very informed members of the DRS. This is what the DRS website states about the society:

“The Design Research Society, hereafter referred to as the Society, shall be a voluntary non-profit-making body of persons associated for the purpose of promoting the study of and research into the process of designing in all its many fields, and of furthering education and the application of design knowledge through the collection, preservation and dissemination of information by whatever means are deemed from time to time to be appropriate with a view to furthering the development of design skills and knowledge.

Provided that the Society shall not support with its funds any object, or endeavour to impose upon, or procure to be observed by its Members or others, any regulation, restriction or condition which, if an object of the Society, would make it a trade union.”

Design Thinking

I also found a great video titled ‘Design Thinking at the LA County Department of Public Social Services’ which was posted by the Stanford School of Design, and was orchestrated by one of their professors. Here it is: