How Good is Good?

In How Good is Good? Stefan Sagmeister – graphic designer for non-profit organizations – speaks to current design as it relates to ethics and advertising, and how experimenting with combining ‘good design’ with a ‘good cause’ potentially can design “significant things” (Sagmeister).

Sagmeister refreshingly states in How Good is Good? the positive aspects of design, and reminds the viewer that design can “unify… help us remember… simplify our lives… make someone feel better… make the world a safer place… help people rally behind a cause… inform and teach… raise money,” and make us more tolerant (Sagmeister).

Stefan Sagmeister has also been featured on Ted Talks around the same time that How Good is Good? Was published on Typotheque, Stefan Sagmeister: Happiness by design, and speaks to the moments of his life that made him happy, “and notes how many of these moments have to do with good design” (Ted).

Contemporary designers that may be swept away in the daily stress of software usage, and the stifling of creativity, should remember the multitude (and potential) of positive effects that design can have on a large audience, and to which Sagmeister speaks in his lectures and text.