This is Water

I recently came across this video when my friend in Indiana posted it on his Google+ profile page, and apparently it was given from a college graduation guest speaker. The video is concerning banal platitudes of adulthood that occur day after week, after month, after year… and the process of ‘choosing’ how to think and to what to one should pay attention.

This video clearly and soundly states that it is important to remember that negativity is a natural default setting, and that it is easy for one to think that they’re the center of the world, and that their immediate needs and feelings should determine the world’s priorities. Also, I think that it is important for day-in-day-out designers to burnout just as fast as other occupations.

Also, the video calls into question that it is important to learn how to think, how to pay attention, and that it is within our own power to allow our education to permit us to decide how we want to think; the alternative is unconsciousness.